Zoological Society of San Diego
San Diego, California

Salerno/Livingston Architects
has, for many years, and continues to provide all phases of architectural design services to the Zoological Society of San Diego for a variety of projects at the famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park in Escondido. The architectural team works closely with the Zoological Society's Senior Facilities staff during all phases of each project to help interpret the project requirements into supportive environments for the animals and to provide unique and safe experiences for the public.

The following are a representative sample of Salerno/Livingston Architects' Zoological projects:

San Diego Zoo

  Transportation Center
  Alligator Remodel
  Avian Food/Holding
  Bird Kitchen
  Douc Langur Exhibit
  Flamingo Relocation
  Food Stand #6
  Forest Buffalo Exhibit
  Francois Langur Exhibit
  Gorilla Tropics
  Gorilla Viewing Remodel
  Guenon/Gelada Monkey Exhibit
  Heart of the Zoo Masterplan
  House of Hospitality
  Ituri Rainforest
  Ituri Restrooms
  Ken Allen Orangutan Exhibit
  Komodo Dragon Exhibit
  Mammal Holding
  Orangutan/Siamang Exhibit
  Pacaranda Exhibit
  Rainforest Aviary
  Reptile House
  River's End Restrooms
  Zoo/Balboa Park Planning

Wild Animal Park

  Great Rift Lift
  Simba Station
  Lion Camp
  Australasian Aviaries
  Bird Relocation
  Mombassa Pavilion
  Plant Trader
  Primate Quarantine
  Wild Animal Park Kiosk
  Wild Animal Park Planning
  Wild Animal Park Trellis