Carlsbad, California

This 36,000 square foot international floral warehouse and distribution facility includes large coolers and corporate offices. The building shell features a standard steel column and truss system, panelized roof, tilt-up wall construction and fourteen truck loading docks. The corporate office area contains a reception area, offices, telemarketing bullpens and employee lounge spaces. Constructed on a fast-track delivery method the project features include:

High-efficiency, energy conserving light fixtures and devices that result in lower energy costs

Environmentally sensitive and ecologically sound landscape design resulting in water conservation and
significant life cycle benefits with regards to maintenance and financial savings, while providing an enhanced business atmosphere.

High-efficiency HVAC equipment that creates healthful indoor environmental quality through a carefully selected filtration system.

Use of recycled asphalt to gain financial savings for the Client and reduce watse and demand for virgin materials.